Beware of the creepy monster. If you see him you’ll get nightmares. The only way you can get nightmares is if you see him in your dreams.

    Here let me describe the SCARY monster now. If you see a green cube body that rides on a skate board never walks, He’s arms turn to bat wings at night time , has a purple crown (he’s the king of all monsters) yellow hairy legs one creepy eye , has sharp teeth, a white skate board. If you see that monster in your dreams, that’s him.

    Now I’m going to say his name, are you ready his name is going to blow you out of you chair his name is creepy monster.

So stay away from creepy, unless you want nightmares!!
12/16/2011 10:22:20 am

That Monster sounds scary.. I hope I don't see him in my dreams


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